How to activate featured slider in Vanice Blogger Template?

by on 8/27/2015

We get a lot of request from user on how to activate the featured slider on Vanice theme. So we decided to make a easy tutorial for everyone who are using the blogger themes of veethemes.

Step 1 : Upload the Vanice Blogger template to your blog.

Step 2 : Now open Posts section in your blog's Dashboard.

Step 3 : Select the posts you want to add in slider and add new label named Featured.
*  The label name should be exact as it is written above otherwise slider will not work.

How To Download Free Templates From One Drive?

by on 8/21/2015

Recently we have updated the Free Download links because of the many emails we were receiving from the peoples, complaining that Free Download link is not working. Actually the problem was not with our site, it was the which was having problem only with our account, that's why files were not downloading even after you click on the download link.

So after few days of research we switched on to Microsoft's One Drive for the storage of our site's templates.

So here now we want to tell how to download the template file from One Drive storage.

Step 1: Click on the download link

Step 2 : A new window will open up

Step 3: Click on download link and wait for a while.

Voila! The downloading of the template has started. 

How To Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines - Pt 2

by on 6/28/2015

In the previous post we learned about the basics and advantage of SEO in, today in this post we will learn how to utilize the potential of the blogger SEO settings for boosting up your blog's traffic. There is nothing so complex in this tutorial, so sit easily and become curious. And you will easily learn how to use the Search Preferences settings.

Before proceeding let's have a look on the screenshot of the Settings panel

1. Meta tags

Meta tags is a special code used in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) which defines the certain aspect of your blog or site. It is inserted before <head> tag in the webpage. The information provided in the meta tags are used by the search engines to show up the search results. If your blog contains information about some topic and someone on the web try to find that information on Google then, immediately Google will show up your blog/site on search results. But for that your blog must have proper meta tags. 

So now we will see how you can add proper meta tags in your blogger's blog.

1. Open Blogger Dashboard 
2. Go to Settings > Search Preferences > Meta tags section

blogger meta tags

Initially it will look like the above screenshot.

3. Select yes and write a small description about your blog (maximum 150 character)

blogger meta tags

4. And click on save changes button and you're done with adding meta description to your blog.

After you add meta tags then wait for the Google to update your blog and show up in search results. And when search results will be shown in the Google it would be something like this

Veethemes search resut

Note :  Normally it would take 1-2 weeks to show in the search results. It can vary from 1 week to 1 month also. nothing can be said very certainly about when Google will show you blog in search results. So wait and watch and do not worry.

2. Errors and redirections

Errors and redirection section controls the unexpected errors in the sites/blog. A proper 404 error page tells the users that he/she is doing, for example if he/she has stumbled upon a page in blog which doesn't exists then they will get a error notification message.

Below is an example of Google's Error page

Google Error's Page

1. Go to Errors and redirections and click on [Not Set] Edit 
2. Now write a good message which will be displayed in Error pages of your blog and save it.

404 page

3. Go to address bar and type your blog/site url and add /404 just after the url and you will see your saved results.

veethemes error page


Redirection can be used to direct your users to a the content which now exists in a new page. Suppose you have a About me page which has a url but now you have made a new page with url want your users to visit the new page instead of old page, then redirection will help you in this.

Let's see how can we do this

1. Open redirection section by clicking on the edit
2. Now add old url in the above box and add new url.
3. You will get a clear image of the steps in below screenshot

blogger redirection

While adding the url omit the homepage address, example if the old url of page is then omit the as it is added automtaically by the settings. you just need to add /p/about.html same is with the new url too.

4. Now save the changes.

Crawlers and indexing 

This is very important section of blogger search engine settings panel. Without going much in detail let's see how it affects your blog's traffic.

First section is Custom robots.txt

This section tells the google robots that how to index your blog and how to display it in search results. It's very important because there are some pages in your blog which you will not want to be displayed in the search results. Seeing this need Google has brought custom robot.txt features.

It's very simple to add this in your blog.

1. Open Custom robots.txt
2. Now add the below given code in inside the box

here's the code

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

3. After adding the code edit the by your blog url

Here's the screenshot of it

robots txt

Custom robot header tags

This is very useful feature by blogger which allow us to select the page we want to be displayed in search results and hide the pages we don't want to be displayed in search results.

1. Open Custom robot header tags section and make selection as shown in the image

2. After you have made selection save the changes.

Finally you have made all the necessary changes in your blog which is must for SEO

How To Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines - Pt 1

by on 6/27/2015
Optimize Seo

SEO is the common term over the web used for Search Engine Optimization. Though it's very common but it's the root of all the internet, it's a game changer factor for the internet. All the well established sites and establishing sites spend their enough efforts and money in Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO.

So What's SEO?
If I have to define it in easy language then I would say

"SEO is a way to register your site, your online business or blog to the search engines. This way search engine will recognize you and will direct some of the traffic to your sites thus helping you to earn profit from that traffic". 

Advantage Of Using
There's an advantage for blogspot/blogger users, that is it's the part of Google Company. So google take extra care of the blogs hosted on Blogger. Unlike Wordpress blogs you don't need to depend on the external plugins in Blogger blogs which will maintain the SEO of your blog. For that purpose Google has designed an internal settings in blogger dashboard separate for the search engine optimization.

Here's the screenshot of it

Blogger SEO

Let's Dive Into details 

Here in the below image we see there are three major sections i.e. Meta tagsErrors and redirections and last is Crawlers and indexing. We will learn about them what they do exactly and how to utilize it's potential for our benefit.

Blogger seo

1. Meta tags
This is the first section which is easily definable from the name, that it add's meta description to your blog.

2.Errors and redirections
This second section controls the 404 error pages and redirection of the link in your blog.

3. Crawlers and indexing
This is the very important section of the Search preferences, this tell the google bots how to crawl in your blog and show them or not in search engine results.
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